Our production process

Our trays are manufactured with high precision CNC-assisted carving machines. We insure an absolute fit of the  devices into the appropriate slots. Following the carving process, the wood surface is sanded by hand before final finishing is applied. All materials used in production are non-toxic and environmentally friendly. The finish is based on natural oil produced by Osmo. The natural oil used for the colorless refining layer is certified to lack biocide components or preservatives. It also matches DIN 53160 of the German Institute for Standardization (saliva and sweat proof) and EN 71-3 (appropriate for treatment of children's toys). In order to protect underlying surfaces, each of our trays has either four felt or silicone pads applied on the bottom.

The wood used to manufacture our trays is carefully selected. A minimal residual moisture of less than 8% prevents the material from warping or cracking. Woods used in our trays have very few imperfections in the grain and have no knotholes. Individual pieces of wood are glued professionally, giving a clean appearance and functionality. We process woods originating from sustainable working forest enterprises. 



Truely Handmade 

Every tray from Woody's is sanded by hand before final finishing is applied and the product is packed.

Sustainable woods only

We only process woods from sustainable working forest enterprises. No tropical wood is used.

Free of toxic substances

No toxic substances are used along the whole production process. The final finish is based on natural wax instead of aromatic polyurethane.

Precision work

Our production process features high precision CNC-assisted carving machines. A high precision is guaranteed.

Quality made in Germany

Each of our products is 100% made in Germany. We proudly manufacture our trays in the Ore Mountains and won't outsource the production to foreign countries in the future.